Curious, Anybody Know Why?

Doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel comfortable in your own house. You also deserve to feel safe in your home, and I’m hoping that your love is strong enough for what will likely be a bit challenging to negotiate. I would feel like there was no love or life in it. Obviously your love must be greater than this. Look you can both have your cake, obviously compromises must be made, you will probably want a larger space so that you can have a room that’s your space your way and he can move his dresser to the shop / man cave. YTA, you sound like a Disney villain determined to have your perfection vision of your relationship where you share a dresser. I think it’s very reasonable for you to want a non horrible dresser. I think it’s very unreasonable to say he needs to get rid of it.

Curious, Anybody Know Why? more malleable than mine

The lender said he’d get back to us. Relieved at that, but still petrified by what the record had etched into it, I went back to my car and drove home. I ran out to meet her and practically tackled her back through the doorway into her own place. I would recommend that you two move to a new place together with agreements from the start that these rooms are his and perhaps some of the public facing rooms will be under your design control so that you don’t feel humiliated and embarrassed and uncomfortable in your own home. I appreciate that your values exist even if they clash with mine, and I think if you can navigate this move in well and come out happy it will be a positive sign for the longevity of your relationship. The local water supply can be contaminated or will stop running altogether.

Looking down into the toilet I could see only a soup of blood and pulped tissue and a few swimming strands of hair that swam amidst the water like blinded worms. Hopefully his tastes are more malleable than mine and maybe he’d be down to paint it white or gray or even a nice new blue paint job with some sharp ceramic handles would bring new life to the beloved furniture and be the compromise that inspires you two to say, “yes we can achieve anything together.” Like, I want to believe there’s an ending other than you resigning to a life of hoarder depression. The shadows were unnaturally deep, and a little girl who lives a few floors down has become obsessed with them, spending her every waking moment staring into her own shadow cast against the hallway wall. I’m a very sentimental person and anyone who tried purging my stuff once a year would, well, not be my significant other. I think it did contribute to the end of my last relationship, she’s a great friend still, but she wanted a clean bright spacious house with new Ikea furniture and I’m living in a rainbow wood trim carnaval cabin with stuff everywhere, and most of my furniture was free hand me downs or scavenged.

Curious, Anybody Know Why? exist even if they

This is why for me, a stuff purger would be a hard limit. I couldn’t stand it, and went to look at her room to see how it looked and why she was stinky. Which is why I wouldn’t date you. I have spent dozens and dozens of hours trying to clean the house since I moved in, just for it to get filthy again within a week. I work 45hrs a week at an office, and my husband is on seasonal unemployment. It just went Under Contract so my husband and I went to see some others that didn’t interest us. My husband helps, but he’s been living in it so long, he gets frustrated easily with their lack of effort & would rather stay in our clean portion of the home and just wait it out until we can move. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” rang through the speakers, filling my living room with the sound of the south. I got engaged January of 2018, married October 2018. I moved in with him & his family March 2018, and we’ve been living there since. My mom definitely got depressed by having dad’s hoarding pushed into her life.

I watched this play out between my parents, my mom was like you and my dad like me. I tried he does not like bedding. Yesterday in a weekl show happened to be someone opening a shoe box like thing, where she was saying she kept recipes, ut really soebox size. I’d always feel like you were making wasteful decisions to keep up with the advertisements presentation of a perfect house, with no appreciation of where you came from and bad environment standards. You really don’t sound like a huge asshole, but rather like you’ve made a lot of room in your mind to compromise, that’s just my judgement on this one specific choice you’re making. Overall from your post you sound like you’re trying very hard to make room in your brain for the kind of person he is, I respect that and I don’t want to see it break the values that are important to you. Man, I’ve been through hell with my friend here and I know this would break me. Be observant and know what’s going on so you can make sound decisions. I don’t know what to do. Our house is always FILTHY.