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Modeling: Tell the students about Aboriginal dance, specifically dance for hunting season. ENL: These students should be able to do this activity without problem. Students will demonstrate good group skills while working on their activity. It will focus on group skills and collaboration, and whether the dance actually represented, in some way, the animal they were assigned. Explain that their dances for this season resemble charades (They represent an animal they will hunt, such as a dingo.). The students will make up and perform their own aboriginal dances. Show pictures of dances. Show some picture examples of what it looks like. Special Needs: Use picture representations of the words or have them write a sentence or two instead of a story. Then, share the correct meanings with the class and reread the sentence using American wording. Modeling: Write a sentence on the board that uses Australian slang. Also, talk about the history of the song and how it was once almost chosen to be the Australian National Anthem.

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Talk about the song “Waltzing Matilda” and share a little about who wrote it. Early Finishers: Encourage these students to share their story with other classmates who are finished. See results What are your favorite roommate pranks? See results Tips for Bio-Clean – Here are some handy tips to aid you in your use of Bio-Clean. You can watch the videos with the most views and the videos that are trending now by checking out the charts. Though it was scary to take videos of the crocodiles in that farm, I was still able to. Some tubs have four young crocodiles while the others have ten. I had enough of the crocodiles and went directly to the forest where other animals were waiting for me to see. Independent practice: Have the students name some animals they think that Aboriginals would hunt (They can use examples from the story.). Ask the students for suggestions of what they think the words means. Assessment: Students will be assessed from their story. Assessment: Students will be assessed from a rubric.

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It will be assessed by making sure that the words are used correctly and make sense with the story. These are great ideas, thanks! What a great guide for any homeowner! Let stress be omitted from your vocabulary because God is our daily guide when we allow him to be first in our life! We were told by the tourists guide not to put our fingers near the crocodiles, as everything which is near to them is considered food. Independent practice: Tell the class that they need to choose a city to visit in Australia. The students will learn about Aboriginal people in Australia through a book. Direct instruction: Introduce the students to the Aboriginal people. Materials: “Aboriginal People of Australia” by Anne Bartlett, audio recording of aboriginal music, pictures of dancing. Materials: audio recording of “Waltzing Matilda”, Australian words and slang sheet, paper, pencil. Have the students look up the correct meaning of the words.

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Closure: Have the students think of some ways that our culture celebrates by dancing and list them on the board. Then, ask the students if they can think of another way of representing this animal and do their dance suggestions together as a class. Assign each group an animal. Then, give each group a copy of the Australian words and slang sheet. Then, explain that in order to save room, they will buy their clothes and equipment for the trip when they get to Australia. Have the students make a list of things they will buy. The students will learn about currency in Australia. Direct instruction: Teach students about Australian currency. Anticipatory Set: Play the song “Waltzing Matilda” for the students. Anticipatory Set: Tell the students that they are taking a trip to Australia in December. Day 5: What Are They Saying? Make a habit of shifting chairs, couches, and tables just slightly every day and see if your roommate notices.

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