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95 iv LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 1. Map of Iran (Persia) 3 2. Pazyryk Rug 5 3 . MAHIN OLIAIE, B.S .. DENTON, TEXAS MAY 1982 TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS V ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii Chapter I. 86 VII. CONCLUSION . Impressed by the cleverness of the ad, which advises him to “Call Us To Clean Up the Mess!” he regrets that he has no need of a cleaning service (Cook 3). He certainly has no reason to suspect that he will soon die of anthrax. Reputable professional carpet cleaners really work hard to provide the finest possible service for their clients. If the stain has penetrated below the carpet into the carpet pad, it will need to be treated also. So you need to take extra care in its maintenance it order to give it a good look and a long life. After you’ve given your rug a good shake, and a good brush, you can lift the woollen fibres with an ordinary plastic garden rake. While it is true that homeowners would need to spend money in taking proper care of their carpets at home, it is not the only option that you can have to get rid of stains or spots and to get the carpet or rug clean and in good condition.

Around every two years your Persian carpet will need a proper shampoo clean. 69 The Senneh or Persian Knot 69 Design . 53 23. Kerman Rug 56 24. Mashhad Rug 59 25. Vertical Looms (Side Sections) 66 26. Rug Making Instruments 68 27. The Turkish Knot 70 28. The Persian Knot 70 29. Rug Finishing Techniques 70 30. Nomadic Kilim Technique . 68 The Ghiordes or Turkish Knot . This volume was motivated by our conviction that a richer and more nuanced understanding of the multifaceted relationships between culture and transmissible disease can yield more effective social, political, and even personal responses. It’s not a bad idea to use a rake even when your not getting your carpets cleaned because it will help them stay cleaner longer. A regular vacuuming will help keep dirt, sand and dust away from your rug. Because he imports rugs from Turkey, where “the animal form of anthrax was a problem” (62), his contraction of anthrax will not raise suspicions about the source of the disease.

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CARE OF PERSIAN RUGS . 8 II. THE PERSIAN RUG BEFORE THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY . THE PERSIAN RUG FROM THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY TO THE PRESENT TIME . TECHNIQUES OF PERSIAN RUG MAKING 60 Materials . This is because the dishwashing liquid will attract dirt to the area otherwise making that spot on the carpet look dirtier than it otherwise should. Von Schrader brand of carpet cleaning machines is a reliable and a trusted brand and is a market leader in this line of product. When using any cleaning product (homemade carpet cleaners, included) for the first time you are always advised to test a small area first. The Carpet and Rug Institute tests cleaners on a number of factors and based on their performance on these criteria, CRI issues one of its three Seals of Approval – Gold, Silver or Bronze. Simply spray the carpet and wait for it to dry.

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Get a dry towel made of wool so as to do blotting. A professional has the right spot treatments for your rug and will be able to clean it well and get rid of most stains. It is very difficult to get the urine out of these pockets. If all else fails, there are some pretty terrific products out there that target pet stains. The ostensibly arbitrary choice of Papparis turns out to result in fact from his occupation. Mixing different types of fabrics may result in a patchy or uneven rug. It will be assumed, or so the perpetrators hope, to be the result of an occupational hazard, a symptom, in effect, of globalization. During initial use, you will notice some shedding of the wool pile. Vacuum regularly. Remove any grease spots with ordinary wool cleaning detergents. To clean it, shake it outside to remove any loose dirt or debris, and use a vacuum cleaner attachment, if necessary. If your rug is large, place it outside and spray it with water.

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Although Yuri wants to target Central Park, hoping to infect the Jewish bankers on the Upper East Side, Steve and Curt have chosen the Jacob Javits Federal Building, which houses the largest FBI office outside of Washington, DC. Although anthrax is not a contagious disease, as we all know by now, the plot of Vector illustrates how central all disease has been to our understanding and experience of culture. The perpetrators of this plot are an odd alliance of malcontents: Davydov, whose job as a cab driver feeds his resentment of class inequity in the US, and ex-military white supremacists disillusioned with the government. The plot against Manhattan is foiled, ultimately, because an astute medical examiner does not fall prey to the assumptions and biases upon which the perpetrators rely and because the unholy alliance disintegrates. Thus, Vector illustrates how a complex global politics informs both our assumptions about the transmission of contagious and infectious disease and the motivations of bioterrorism.

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