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It looks incredibly simple to make, with not too many confusing materials or tools, and it looks a bit like the swing on a flying fox to me, which was one of my favorite things to play on when I was little. I came out to a little more than $40 due to shipping, but it was a breeze to install (about a half hour). Then, instead of taking the beanbag and throwing it, take the string with the beanbag dangling about a foot below and whipping it up & over…you’ll get a great deal more distance that way. When you fear someone may take their life the most effective way to prevent a friend or loved one from taking his or her life is to recognize the factors that put people at risk for suicide.More than 90 percent of people who kill themselves are suffering from one or more psychiatric disorders. The higher the tree branch, the higher the tire swing will take its occupant when swinging.

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Have the heaviest member of your family test the swing to ensure its strength. I have a feeling this cute swing is going to get quite a bit of use this summer! I couldn’t get the thought of a cute blue tire swing out of my head, so I decided to paint my tire! 5: Instructables: How to Make a Tire Swing. I’m here today to show you how to make a fun and easy project that your kids (and you!) will enjoy all summer long… a tire swing! I thought it would be a really fun project to creatively repurpose a tire in honor of Earth Day tomorrow and I knew just what project I wanted to do! Oh how I love the fun beginnings of easy summer evenings! Nothing says lovely spring and summer evenings like swinging on a tire swing! I also went over to Home Depot and found almost nothing that would work.I also discovered that covered chain is quite expensive. There’s really nothing as peaceful and mind freeing as sailing through the air aboard a swing.

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Good dimensions for a tire swing branch are about 9 feet (2.7 meters) from the solid tree branch to the ground. It should be thick and sturdy, about 10 inches diameter and 9 feet from the ground. I hung it relatively lower to the ground since all of the grand babies are still pretty young. Make sure the tire is relatively clean and be sure it’s still in good enough condition to not split under the weight of people . I might still pick up the swivel separately, but for now he seems perfectly happy with it. I guess I need to get moving on the slide now! Once you’ve got your rope in hand, it’s time to get it up and over your limb. The instructions for this DIY are in German, but they can easily be translated online if you can’t get the general idea from the photos. I found these instructions useful but quickly realized that by the time I source all of the parts it was going to be difficult and expensive and I was concerned that I would end up with a weak link somewhere and it wouldn’t hold up.

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Each time you go for a bicycle ride, you are using metal rollers with every turn of the tires and pump of the pedals. 8. Secure this end of the rope to the tree branch using a square knot. I thought this step would be harder than it was, but it turned out to be SO quick and easy… and totally worth the unique end result! Going one step further would be to engage in functional resistance training, or weight training that resembles everyday life, rather than linear-patterned weight training, such as biceps curls or tricep push-downs. As if your kid wasn’t going to be happy enough when they see their new tire swing, imagine the looks on their faces when they see that it looks just like their favorite animal. If you are going to build a tire swing, and don’t have a strong dad that is good with knots to hang it for you, I highly recommend researching which knot will be best for your project.

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