Just how to use a wall surface as a screen

As stated, it’s not suitable to use a projector without a screen. So if you select to use a wall instead of a projector screen, then there are few points that can be done to raise the quality of the photo projected.

1. Smooth the wall as much as possible

You desire the wall surface to be as smooth as well as with as little texture as feasible. As mentioned, little bumps as well as crevices on the wall surface will certainly cause small shadows to appear.

You will certainly need to transform the lights off and also utilize a flashlight or if you have a projector currently, job a photo onto the wall surface This will help recognize any type of problem areas. Utilize a pencil or something else to precisely mark these locations.

As soon as these locations are significant, utilize sandpaper or a power sander to smooth the wall surface. You will need to sand as well as paint the wall numerous times to get the wall as smooth as feasible. A smooth wall is a satisfied wall!

2. Repaint the wall surface.

The very best solution for using a projector on a wall surface is to paint the wall surface with a projector display paint. Best paint for projector screen wall. It is not 100% needed, however it enables the wall surface to reflect the light a lot more effectively. The issue with this type of paint is that it’s not economical.

A quart of display paint (on Amazon) can cost regarding half the quantity as a real projector screen. This sort of screen paint is really among the more affordable alternatives out there.

My individual pointer is to repaint the area with routine white paint or guide first. After fining sand, reapplying, etc., you can then apply a thinner layer of the display paint over the exact same location. If you only have a quart of paint then 1 or 2 thinner layers over a regular white paint or primer is a wonderful alternative if you get on a smaller sized budget.

A complete gallon of high-quality display paint (on Amazon) will certainly set you back regarding the same as one of my favored projector screens available, the Silver Ticket 100 ″ Taken Care Of Structure Projector Screen (on Amazon.com).

The most effective remedy is to make use of numerous coats of display paint, however you will likely need more than a quart to do so. A lot of the time you will make use of a white screen paint, however, if your projector has an extremely high lumen count (around 3,500), then consider using gray paint.

Projecting 3,500 lumens onto a white screen will really feel a little blinding. A tremendous amount of light would certainly be reflected directly at your eyeballs. However a lot of the time, an ordinary white screen paint is the best choice. You don’t absolutely need to paint the wall surface with details display paint, but it is most definitely an excellent addition.

3. Develop a Frame around the projected picture

A frame is a crucial enhancement to any display! Having a distinct boundary around the display helps the customer focus on the premium image. This is more vital than you assume, I promise! Nearly all screens have a black overview around the projection area due to the fact that it enhances the image top quality.

It provides a clear start and also end to where the image is predicted. The structure normally helps the eye preserve focus on what is being presented, and not where the edge of the display is located.

Some individuals including myself, deal with concentrating on incredibly minor details. Little points like the side of a projector’s picture will be pretty distracting. The structure likewise improves the contrast between the wall surface as well as the picture.

To quickly build a framework, very first established your projector in the preferred position. Then display a full photo onto the wall and also utilize a pencil to mark around the whole forecasted picture.

After noting the area utilize a black velour tape to lay out the area. If you desire the frame to look also much better, develop a wood framework to dimension. I would certainly suggest covering each piece of the wooden structure in a slim black rug. This is what we did, and also it looks exceptional!


Overall, you don’t need to do these different points to use a projector without a display. You can point any projector onto any type of wall. Nobody is going to stop you, but if you are a little OCD after that these small points may get frustrating as time takes place.

Keeping that claimed, if you still select to use a projector without a display, after that I very suggest doing the 3 points pointed out over. Smoothen that wall, repaint it, smoothen it some a lot more, paint it once more, etc. After that position a wonderful dark framework around the projection location. These things will make an obvious difference, I guarantee!

However in reality, projector displays aren’t actually that pricey. After acquiring the screen paint as well as materials for the boundary, then investing the moment prepping every little thing. Is it really worth it to do all this work when you could simply purchase a prebuilt projector display? In my opinion, no not really!

There are a great deal of reasonable valued projector displays on the market! Take a look at our recommended projector screens for our favorite options. If you want the most affordable alternative possible, after that I recommend purchasing the projector screen material and also developing a personalized framework around it.

This is the best remedy for the rate, yet that is simply my viewpoint. Yet if you have the additional cash or budget, after that certainly buy a dealt with structure projector screen as well as save yourself a lot of effort and time.If you’re interested in using a projector screen in a living-room after that check out my short article on making use of a Projector in a Living Room. It has genuinely been a wonderful experience, as well as I urge you to try it if possible!