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For foams I can recommend Trig Rain, they are good quality especially the donuts, I use those on 90% of my buds. This would explain why centered plates can still cause problems if they’re a bit high. This is just to write down my plan as long as it’s still fresh. The edges of the hair system flip off prematurely and the bonding breaks down too quickly. Not all men need color their hair as they age. You may need to try different bonding methods and scalp products. When writing with saturated inks it may be best to write as much as you can in one sitting. It may be important in the GHz band for radio stuff but at our measely 20kHz it can’t make a difference as long as the cable has a small resistance and can conduct a bit of current. If there is no air bubble between the feed, the bottom of the Cartridge or Converter, and there is no big amount of ink sticking to the top of Cartridge or Converter, then it may be a flow problem, in which case you may need to re-set the Nib a few times, or bend the nib tip slightly, to get a wetter line.

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When left overnight the left over ink may be more saturated because the lighter ink has been used up. If you switch to a light ink, a higher flowing ink, and the feed channels are clogged with the saturated ink residue the free flowing ink won’t be free flowing. A small bottle of Gamsol, a sheet of Duralar, a piece of glass, a brayer and some paper towels and you’re good to go (assuming you already have a light source). Its critical to note, that these 2k paints only have about a 4-8 hour working window before the hardener activates inside the can, causing it to become useless. American and they have square plates so the top half is already higher. For those not fancying ordering new plates, I read with interest in one of Jeremy’s posts that the factory plates are actually metal (thanks for that JH). This means you can bend them a little and I did a de-frame this afternoon without ordering any new plates.

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I’m sure there is no magic going on there but maybe the shell is nice and I can transplant that driver into one of the cheap RY4S shells. I’ll probably pull apart a cotton pad and just fill the shell with that, trying different ammounts of course. If you can’t get your finger nail in the back and pull the nib forward, there are two different methods using Scotch Tape to remove it. As your finger goes over the feed it should cause ink to be pulled out. With the pen inked up run your finger back and forth along the length of the top of the feed. If the nib is real hard to remove and real hard to re-install the fit is too tight and the pen tends to dry out more. In the case of a Converter you would invert the pen so that you can look down and around the nib surface and twist the Converter knob until ink starts to come out of the surrounding feed / nib area. If it’s residue on a porous surface (like a flat ceiling) you’re in for a rough time.

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Note: in that time no one visited me and rang it, so I didn’t even have the satisfaction of answering an elegant doorbell chime like I have a real house. I’m not sure how your chosen 600ohm speaker looks like, but if it has preinstalled foam on it, then it’s likely that you don’t have to use additional tuning foam on the vents, maybe you can play around with thin tape, or replace the installed foam with a different one. You can see the parking sensors and the radar is at a low level I believe. Presumably you checked for location of any sensors lurking in front bumper area? I see you have raised the front plate slightly. Do you have any suggestions, for building them or experimenting? I feel like you have a story. Yes, some will say that their pens put down a saturated line, just like some will say that their Lamy Studios or 2000s are not dry writers. There is a slit in the Lamy feed where the nib rides against.

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There are a few ways to remove the Lamy nib. When that happens, unscrew the barrel, with the nib pointing down, and look at the ink in the cartridge or converter. Briskly shake in up and down in 180 degree motions, to break any air bubble and get the ink flowing. Is there an air bubble between the ink floating at the top of the Cartridge or Converter? If you do see an air bubble then shake the pen 180 degrees until the air bubble rises to the top and the ink flows to the bottom. The ink flow, skipping, problem only happens after I’ve been writing for a while. This is more likely to be a problem with saturated inks. By re-seating the nib a few times you’re trying to wear it in a little more so that the nib isn’t as tight on the feed. By the same token, if you remove the nib, look at the underside of the nib.

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